$EarnX Mega Lottery — A Grand Prize pool of 20,000,000,000 $EarnX for 1 Winner

EarnX is delighted to announce its partnership with Bella Protocol

Bella Protocol — a leader in open financial products and backed by Binance Labs and Arrington Capital.

Bella Protocol and EarnX have partnered to explore opportunities in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (Defi) , whilst also seeking to find ways to increase the utility of EarnX token and provide value to both communities.

The EarnX and Bella Protocol partnership explores:

  1. Providing premium NFTs backed by physical art into DeFi,
  2. Bringing Bella and EarnX communities together.
  3. Working on exciting projects that brings innovation to NFTs and Defi field like NFT…

PAID is proud to announce its partnership with EarnX, a unique utility token developed to support Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) through the Yearn Classic Finance platform ecosystem.

Through this new partnership, EarnX will utilize PAID SMART Agreements to enhance and develop new and existing business agreements with the aim of making its business activities exponentially more efficient. PAID Smart Agreements will be used by EarnX for signing and registering of business contracts on-chain, streamlining B2B transactions and also optimizing and improving back office operations.

Marcus King, Co-founder of EarnX said:

“We are delighted to partner with PAID Network which will enhance…

Hello our loyal EARN community

After launching Yearn Classic Finance vault and EARNSwap which was a turning point for both developers and the community, it’s time to take another exceptional milestone in EARN ecosystem and that’s EarnX.

EARNX will be a utility token for an unheard-of version of NFTs that can retain their value lifelong and will be totally driven by our community.

To shed more light on it, EarnX is a frictionless yield generating token that will tax 10 percent on each buys and sells of which 5 percent will be rewarded to the holders and the remaining 5…

Welcome to Yearn Classic Finance

Yearn Classic Finance (EARN) is a utility token for the Yearn Classic Finance platform of the DeFi ecosystem. Our aim always was bringing Farms and pools like CAKE, Governance like YFI, earNFT a destination NFT marketplace. With Farms, Pools, Vaults, NFT marketplace, Governance EARN aims to be the #1 platform with all at one stop. earNFT will be a marketplace for all kind of NFTs at one stop. Anyone can create and list their NFTs for auction or fixed price sale on earNFT marketplace. These NFTs will be minted on user desired compatible blockchains.


Dear Community Members

This report has been compiled to give EARN community members an update on the progress & development of the project, including an overview of the work undertaken over the previous month.

The work majority of the work carried out over the previous month focused on the development of Vaults and EARNSWAP as well as preparing the designs for earNFT. The following breakdown gives an overview of what was involved:

• Implementing integrations for the deployment of Vaults, EARNSWAP and earNFT to ensure a user friendly platform

• Configuring Continuous Integration and Continuous Development Environment

• Multi Factor…


YearnClassic Finance is a blockchain agnostic decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator platform that supports DeFi projects deployed on Ethereum blockchain, Binance smart chain etc., focusing on simplicity, user experience, privacy and global adoption. It provides a classical way to optimally earn yield on assets through its series of products.

For the purpose of developing a robust yearnclassic platform, and most importantly to encourage early investors and supporters, the yearn classic team has decided to organize a clear listing.

For smooth and secure participation, the yearn classic team has organized to set listing on Hotbit, a centralized auction…

Yearn (EarnX) Classic Finance

YearnClassic Finance is a blockchain agnostic decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator on BSC and EarnX is the utility token for EarnX exclusive physical NFTs

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