Development Progress Report #1

Dear Community Members

This report has been compiled to give EARN community members an update on the progress & development of the project, including an overview of the work undertaken over the previous month.

The work majority of the work carried out over the previous month focused on the development of Vaults and EARNSWAP as well as preparing the designs for earNFT. The following breakdown gives an overview of what was involved:

• Implementing integrations for the deployment of Vaults, EARNSWAP and earNFT to ensure a user friendly platform

• Configuring Continuous Integration and Continuous Development Environment

• Multi Factor Authentication for Vaults are with Research and Design

• Automatic Yield Generation Contracts are now in the final stage of development

• E Tokens and eLP tokens for liquidity mining of other selected assets on EARNSWAP are in development

• Destination marketplace for NFTs, earNFT to buy and sell NFTs, crypto domains and all other Virtual Assets are in progress

Exchange Listings Update

• On 2nd November 2020, EARN was listed on

• On 9th November 2020, EARN was listed on

• The team is currently in discussions with multiple tier 1 and tier 2 exchanges, and anticipate to be live on other exchanges very soon

Marketing and Collaborations

The team is in discussion with a Fortune 500 company who intend to have their assets staked with EARN, which in return will generate excellent yields, for the company in question, in the long term. As per NDA requirements, the name of the company cannot be disclosed but it is anticipated they will be joining by the time EARN Vaults launch.

The team is also in discussions with multiple gaming platforms to have them onboard on earNFT, which will provide for them a marketplace for easy buying and selling of NFTs, gaming assets and other Virtual Assets on earNFT platform.

Product security is a key priority during the continuous development process, hence the development is taking longer than initially anticipated. This is to ensure that all security protocols are strictly adhered to so that there is no compromise in security. The additional time taken is also due to world renowned bug hunters overseeing the project to ensure the safety & security of the contracts and products. Please note that there is no guarantee that all our products are completely risk-free.

The next development update is expected to be released next month! The team believe it is vital that all members of the EARN community are kept up to date with the progress & development of the project and without the support of our members this project would not be possible.

Thank you!

About EARN

Yearn Classic Finance offers products in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT space. This provides yield generation and is a destination market place for NFT with the Ethereum blockchain. EARN’s core team consists of entrepreneurs and blockchain pioneers who have good working experience in multiple Fortune 100 companies and have a proven track record in Finance, Cryptography, Blockchain, and Engineering.

For more information about EARN, or to join the team, please contact




YearnClassic Finance is a blockchain agnostic decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator on BSC and EarnX is the utility token for EarnX exclusive physical NFTs

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Yearn (EarnX) Classic Finance

Yearn (EarnX) Classic Finance

YearnClassic Finance is a blockchain agnostic decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator on BSC and EarnX is the utility token for EarnX exclusive physical NFTs

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