Announcing Swap to secure, efficient non-tax EarnX v2

  • With immediate effect, the existing contract address of EarnX on Binance Smart Chain is invalid and we cease support to the old EarnX contract slowly after the swap.
  • The swap will start immediately after this announcement and may take several weeks until the last old EarnX holder swaps successfully.
  • All the old EarnX holders are thereby required to visit our swap dapp and swap to the new EarnX v2 token.
  • The swapping ratio is 100,000:1 i.e., for every 1,000,000 old EarnX tokens you will get 10 new EarnX v2 tokens and the price of EarnX v2 will be 100,000 times those of old EarnX tokens when trading starts.
  • Please note that the old EarnX contract address on PancakeSwap is no longer valid. Please stop trading EarnX on EARNSwap or PancakeSwap, otherwise, it may cause unnecessary asset loss.

Old EarnX contract address:

New EarnX contract address:

Tokenomics of new EarnX v2:

How to Migrate and consolidate from old EarnX to new EarnX v2:

  • Go to
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Your balances will be displayed over there.
  • Approve the contract to start the swapping procedure, by clicking on the “Approve” button.
  • After completing the approval transaction you will get the “Swap to EarnX v2” button, click it and confirm the transaction on your wallet to complete the swap.
  • Your old EarnX tokens will be converted to new EarnX v2.



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Yearn (EarnX) Classic Finance

Yearn (EarnX) Classic Finance

YearnClassic Finance is a blockchain agnostic decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator on BSC and EarnX is the utility token for EarnX exclusive physical NFTs