Yearn Classic Finance-Launch of Farms and Pools(EARNs)

Yearn (EarnX) Classic Finance
2 min readMar 24, 2021

Welcome to Yearn Classic Finance

Yearn Classic Finance (EARN) is a utility token for the Yearn Classic Finance platform of the DeFi ecosystem. Our aim always was bringing Farms and pools like CAKE, Governance like YFI, earNFT a destination NFT marketplace. With Farms, Pools, Vaults, NFT marketplace, Governance EARN aims to be the #1 platform with all at one stop. earNFT will be a marketplace for all kind of NFTs at one stop. Anyone can create and list their NFTs for auction or fixed price sale on earNFT marketplace. These NFTs will be minted on user desired compatible blockchains.

EARN will be the utility token for all Yearn Classic Finance (EARN) Products.

You can trade EARN on exchange.

EARNSwap is already live!

EARN Farms and Pools will start emitting rewards from Thu Mar 25 2021 21:31:47 GMT+0000 approximately

EARN Token

Farms and EARNs will emit rewards starting block 6000000 on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) network.

  • Rewards per Block: 0.01 EARN token
  • Emission Rate per day: 283 EARN Tokens
  • Rewards Distribution: Farms and EARNs share 0.01 EARN reward per block

Starting Block: 6000000

Contract Address: 0x63a18BC38D1101DB7F0efCbCBdCbe927A5879039

MasterChef: 0x5C8390fB5f11b60E2EEA72D937150B3d80FB5641

TimeLock(48h): 0x9573dF85FA275d67cBdCd31E397A2715346729Bf

Dev Address: 0x2c90C44dd1FaAE62A6A830BC42A1EF86174F4910

Fee Address: 0x6d63Fce1a557defA9457816D2d3D25285E8774Ca

Ownership of MasterChef transfered to Timelock:

EARN Pools with Reward Multipliers:

EARN-BUSD (40x Rewards) Pool ID:0

EARN-BNB (24x Rewards) Pool ID:1

BNB-BUSD (5x Rewards) Pool ID:2

USDT-BUSD (4x Rewards) Pool ID:3

BTCB-BNB (6x Rewards) Pool ID:4

ETH-BNB (6x Rewards) Pool ID:5

DAI-BUSD (4x Rewards) Pool ID:6

USDC-BUSD (4x Rewards) Pool ID:7

DOT-BNB (6x Rewards) Pool ID:8

CAKE-BUSD (2xRewards) Pool ID:9

CAKE-BNB (2x Rewards) Pool ID:10

EARN (10x Rewards) Pool ID:11

BUSD (2x Rewards) Pool ID:12

WBNB (3x Rewards) Pool ID:13

USDT (1x Rewards) Pool ID:14

BTCB (2x Rewards) Pool ID:15

ETH (2x Rewards) Pool ID:16

DAI (1x Rewards) Pool ID:17

USDC (1x Rewards) Pool ID:18

DOT (2x Rewards) Pool ID:19

CAKE (1x Rewards) Pool ID:20

BSCX (1x Rewards) Pool ID:21

AUTO (1x Rewards) Pool ID:22

EGG (5x Rewards) Pool ID:23

Deposit Fees: 3 % deposit fee on all pools except EARN-BUSD, EARN-BNB, EARN pools. This deposit fees will be reduced to 1 % eventually.

3% Deposit fee is distributed as follows:

· 81% of the fees will be used to buyback EARNs and all the EARNs purchased will be burned immediately.

· 10% of the deposit fees will be sent to the developer’s address as payouts.

· 9% will be held in escrow for Yearn Classic Finance, for future growth; and emergency funds.



Yearn (EarnX) Classic Finance

YearnClassic Finance is a blockchain agnostic decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator on BSC and EarnX is the utility token for EarnX exclusive physical NFTs